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Entertainment Magazine - Robert ZuckerTwenty years ago, the Entertainment Magazine made the transition to the digital age during the early days of the Internet in January 1995- one of the first newspapers in Arizona to have a web site. originated as The Entertainment Magazine newspaper with publishing roots since in 1978. Each day, thousands of people from around the world visit the Entertainment Magazine On Line site.

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2015 entertainment is in 3D at home and the movies

3D entertainment has become a household appliance. But, the fad hasn't caught up yet with either the consumer or broadcasters. Prices for HD TV sets are still high and there is little or no 3D content on television or Blu-ray. That may be resolved this year as manufacturers produce new, smaller handheld devices that can mimic three-dimensional objects without the need of glasses. Read more about Entertainment Magazine's new 3D entertainment on the horizon.

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The Entertainment Magazine, in conjunction with BZB Publishing (the publisher of and Entertainment Magazine) is producing print and digital books for the public. Copies are available through and other retailers.

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The print edition of the Entertainment Magazine was first published in 1985. Go to the WayBack Machine to see early web editions of Entertainment Magazine Online since 1995.

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